Friday, 18 July 2014

Climb every mountain . . . . a brief overview of the ongoing technical work delivering the new Repository

As we start the final transition from the TULIP manage publications to we are going to publish a number of technical articles explaining some of the processes and issues involved. This first one is a general overview and introduction.

The project is split into a number of phases. At the start of the upcoming academic year, phase one will deliver. This is a replacement of the functionality of the manage publications function in TULIP (TULIP-MPF), moving from an ad hoc internally developed system to one of the institutional standards. Subsequent phases will develop the features above and beyond those already available.

Phase one has focused on delivering a simple process to move all of the existing records out of TULIP-MPF (and the pilot Liverpool Research Archive). A great deal of effort has been focussed on structuring the information to make it more reliable. For example, in TULIP-MPF, the author names in a citation are free text. This makes it really hard to link authors and publications together, especially if a colleague enters the data. In the new system all personal data is directly linked to the staff records for UoL employees and will make suggestions based on records already existing for other contributors.

Autocomplete suggestions will search existing records for titles of publications already in the repository, so that the same output is not entered twice and journal names will also feature autocomplete suggestions.

The system will make it easier to enter already existing article records, initially supporting import from DOI and PubMed. Other bibliographic formats (EndNote, BibTeX, etc) will be available for import and export.

Upcoming articles will focus in a bit more depth on some of the above. If you have something in particular you would like to hear more about, why not leave us a comment?

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