Thursday, 12 June 2014

Reported issues and feedback

Your feedback will help us improve the functionality of the repository, so that when the full live version is launched we have a robust system in place. This blog posting will be used to highlight the issues you've fed back to the team and the status of work on that issue.

You can use the comments section of this post to highlight new issues. If you do so, please give us the following information to help us diagnose the problem: Operating System; Web Browser: Network (e.g. Managed Windows Service network)

Issues and feedback

Issue: Entering details of book chapters.
Symptom: Currently the way the citation for these items displays makes no differentiation between author and editor (i.e. all names appear as if authors of the book chapter).
Status: Fixed

Issue: Display problem.
Symptom: Large black bar covering top section of homepage when viewed on Internet Explorer 8.
Status: Being investigated.

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