Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Importing your EndNote Items into the Repository

Due to the heavily customized nature of the University repository, the import from EndNote function relies on a purpose built import function, which has a few idiosyncrasies and limitations, which this blog post will discuss.

Limitation 1: Text Only

The software cannot import the binary file saved by the latest version of EndNote distributed by the university. This is typically saved with an .enl file extension (the compressed version ends .enlx).

In order to prepare your Endnote library for import into the repository, you need to export it in text Refer format as laid out below:

In the screenshots I’ve used the sample library provided with EndNote X7, the latest version available from the University

First, Select the items in the EndNote library you would like to include in the file to be imported or you can just choose to generate a file with everything in your endnote library included

Next, from the File menu, select Export

In the export options, choose to export in text format and for style, select another option

Choose the Refer Export format

Check that you have the ‘export selected references’ option ticked if you only want to save your selected items for import into the repository, otherwise untick this and your file will be created with all items in it.

Then go ahead and save your file.

Now in the repository you can import the file you have just created.

Limitation 2: StaffID are not added when you import from an external source

When you have imported a file, the StaffID that allow the association of a repository article with PoA and Web Profiles will not be present. Each article will require the contributor record checking and any University of Liverpool authors should have their StaffID added using the autocomplete function.
See the linked Blog Post on this

Idiosyncrasy: Warnings when running the importer

When the importer is  running, you may see warnings being emitted, such as in the screenshot below:

However, as long as the green status reports the correct number of items you were expecting you can safely ignore these warnings – we are working hard with our supplier to suppress these, but you can be assured they have no effect on the creation of item records within the repository

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