Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Uploading your papers - which version can be used?

One of the features of the Repository is that you can make a copy of your journal papers openly available on the web (usually after an embargo period determined by your publisher - see our Open Access guide for more details). Indeed, this will be a requirement for journal papers to be eligible for the next Research Excellence Framework.

However, in many cases you will not be allowed to upload the file of your journal article created by the publisher - the copyright in that version rests with the publisher, and we will not be allowed to make it publicly available. In cases such as these, a PDF or Word file of your own Author Accepted Manuscript, also known as a post-print, should be uploaded. This is your own file, incorporating changes made after peer review, but not including any publisher formatting.

How can I quickly tell which version I can upload to the Repository?
You can keep this simple by following this guidance:

  • If a fee has been paid to make the article openly accessible on the publisher's website, you can upload the publisher version.
  • If a fee has not been paid to make the article openly accessible on the publisher's website, you should only upload your own Author Accepted Manuscript.

Although there will be occasional exceptions to the second point above, this is the easiest way to determine which version of your paper can be uploaded.

Remember you can always get further information, and contact the Scholarly Communications Librarian, via the Open Access Guide.

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