Tuesday, 21 July 2015

My Publications - why we've removed these potentially confusing links

When the repository was launched, initial testing identified the need for an easy way to find items from the TULIP publication database, or those that might be created by a colleague. Thus the ‘My Publications’ searches were created. Unfortunately, there has been some confusion about their purpose, so, as part of the recent upgrade, these options have been removed.

These links were essentially links to “canned searches” – they searched the repository to find records that include either your staff ID number or your name, with the results being the same as if you’d used the advanced search function available from the repository home page.

Often the search results for these two options differ slightly. This could be because staff ID numbers haven’t been included in some of the records, or your name might have been entered differently. In any case, the My Publications links were intended to be two quick ways for authors to find records that they are connected with, rather than a way of managing records.

The best way to keep track of your records in the repository is to look at your Manage Deposits page. All records with the status “Live Archive” are in the repository and will be available for you to select for your PDR and staff profile.

If you find that you’re really missing the My Publications links, please let us know as they can be brought back quite easily. By removing these potentially confusing links, we’re hoping that repository users will find the Manage Deposits screen much less daunting.

As ever, if you’re having any problems with the repository, please contact our IR team irhelp@liv.ac.uk. If you’d like to organise training for you or your colleagues, please contact Stephen Carlton stephen.carlton@liverpool.ac.uk

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