Thursday, 9 April 2015

The importance of contribution

When depositing an item into the Repository, it is vital that all parts of the Contributor section be completed, or the item in question will not be available via TULIP to other University systems like Web Profile Pages, Portfolio of Activity, or your PDR.

Please see the following screenshot:

The ‘Contributors’ section takes its information from HR’s systems. Type in your staff ID and the name parts of the entry will auto-complete from the information in HR’s systems. Please do not then edit the name information – if you do edit the name information the link between your name and staff ID will be broken and the link to TULIP will not work. Please note we may be able to remove this restriction in the near future.

In order for the record to be available to the TULIP system for all Liverpool-based contributors, they will all need their staff IDs present. You can do this simply by entering their name, as the field auto-completes (though be aware it is case sensitive). If you type a surname in, beginning with a capital letter, you will see a drop-down like the one shown in the image above. When you select the name of the Liverpool-based co-contributor, the staff ID will be filled in and the record will be available to their Web Profile Pages, Portfolio of Activity, and so on.

The following process must be undertaken for any items that you import via DOI, PubMed etc. in order to ensure the records are available to TULIP-related systems (profile pages, PDR, etc.). This is because imported records clearly will not contain your staff ID, the piece of information vital to linking your records to TULIP.
1.      After importing the record, go to the “Contributors” section.
2.      Delete the name in the “Given Names / Initials” field and start typing the name, beginning with a capital letter.
3.      The auto-completer drop-down will display – select the appropriate name.
4.      This needs to be done for each Liverpool-based author. 

You also need to set the ‘Contribution’ type on the left side, i.e. Author, Editor. This should be done for all University of Liverpool authors.

The above workflow helps ensure that records you create are available to other systems and won't be returned to you for correction.

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