Friday, 28 November 2014

"I don't want this publication showing on my staff profile ..."

As staff get accustomed to using the new Repository, one issue you may find is that you've created a record in the Repository that you don't want to appear in your staff profile page. This is where it's important to understand how the different system interact.
The Repository as it stands performs two separate-but-linked functions:
  • it provides a structured database for making details of your publications, often including the full text, publicly available at; and
  • it provides information on publications which is shared with TULIP, from where that information is used in many other systems such as the Portfolio of Activity and, most pertinently here, the Staff Profile pages.
The important concept to understand here is that the Staff Profile pages do not take their information directly from the Repository - they take them from TULIP, and it's simply now the case that entering details via the Repository is what gets those details into TULIP (and provides extra functionality for open access).

There may be cases where you don't want the details of publications you have entered into the Repository to be displaying in your Staff Profile pages. Depending on what you want to do, you have two options:
  • If you want to ensure the item is not publicly available at all, i.e. available through neither the Repository itself, nor your staff profile pages, then when creating the record set its confidential status to "Yes".
The confidential property is the second field in the publication details section. By default it is set to 'no'.
  • If you want to hide the item from your staff profile page but still want it to be publicly available through the Repository itself, leave the confidential status to "no", make a note of the item id number, and then send an email to with that id number, asking for the item to be hidden from your staff profile.
The easiest way to find an item's ID number is from the URL if you are editing it - it's the number after eprintid, e.g. in the example below, the item with ID 2000000 is being edited.

If you are just viewing your items, you can find out the item ID by looking at the item in your Author listing on the repository:

Choose Browse by Liverpool author to find your own author listing
The URL that links from the title of your publication will give you the ITEM ID of your publication.

This is just a temporary measure - upon completion of the separate Staff Profile Pages project, you will be able to use TULIP itself to decide which items do and do not appear on your staff profile.

For clarity, you should also know that any changes you make in the Repository will only be reflected in TULIP and your profile pages the morning after the changes have been made. When the Staff profile Pages project is complete, you will be able to refresh your profile pages on demand.

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