Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Knowing Me, knowing you . . .

When you examine the information imported from TULIP into the repository, you will notice an odd thing - there will tend to be University of Liverpool staff in the entry listed twice.

This came about because of the way the information about a publication was stored in TULIP. It was not possible to reliably tell which of the staff who had administered (created, edited, etc.) the record were part of the citation list.

In order to address this issue, the records were imported with both sets of users attached. However, administrative users (i.e.e anyone who created or edited the record) are a special user type which means they do not appear in the automatically generated citation for that item. If you wish to clean up the contributor records of you items the repository, it is necessary to perform the following steps on each record:

Create a new version - whenever you make any changes in the repository, you should always create a new version - this creates a history trail for your item records and allows the proper checking of any changes made both against the usage in other institutional systems (PoA, Profile pages etc) and Quality Checking.

 You will see a message to indicate you have successfully created a new version

In the actions tab of the item, now select Edit Item for the new version:

Change the view to the Details of the Item:

Change the contributor type of UoL authors as appropriate (this will mostly be to 'author') and remove (just delete the information) the authors that are duplicates:

Save your changes - they will then be reviewed and normally the new version will go live the next day (there may be a bit of a delay during the initial repository launch period as many people do this!)

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